Your Experience

Your experience with me...

You will feel a sense of connection and understanding. Energy will be shared and a mutual intention will be created. You will feel a sense of warmth swirled with an organic peacefulness. We will laugh and be playful as your spirit and your essence are rejuvenated.

Enduring Peace

Clear from the influence of past events my clients enjoy extraordinary outcomes in their levels of satisfaction, fulfillment, and connection. Root causes are resolved and improvement is almost automatic. Habits and painful emotions are replaced with positive feelings, blocked energy is released and problems are resolved. Healing occurs and your mind is cleared, updated, and optimized. Desired change is automatic and lasting. Negative emotions are replaced with energy and peace while self-destructive behavioral patterns disappear.

Accelerated Healing

Enhancing emotional, mental, and physical health and wellbeing is optimized with Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), founded by Jon Connelly.  Dr. Dara utilizes RRT with clinical hypnosis, a short-term therapy and integrative approach that is effective and soft.  Healing takes place in one to three sessions and is executed at a deep level engaging both the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. This revolutionary psychotherapeutic treatment eliminates emotional and behavioral difficulties and is a life-changing approach to psychological healing.

A balance towards optimal health, wellness, nutrition, and exercise is embodied and decreases in pain due to injury or illness take effect.  New neural pathways are created to optimize foundations for an enhanced mind-body connection.  Dr. Dara’s use of RRT regulates the sensory experience promoting moods to stabilize, cravings to diminish, weight to decrease, and energy to boost.

Peak Performance

Dr. Dara creates individualized programs of bio-individuality.  Each program is designed around your unique personality and physiology whether you are a novice or professional. Your best self will be emPOWERed. All aspects of your mental toughness will be targeted and reached. Conscious and unconscious brain patterns will be strengthened to accelerate and optimize athletic performance and achieve fitness goals.