Others’ Experience

Dara is AMAZING! She helped me overcome my pain and gain mobility in my leg again. Without her, I would not be able to do what I love!

14 year old Performing Artist
Plantation, FL

I have been cleared of my addiction , anxiety, and negative beliefs about myself.

Recovering Eating Disorder Client
Jersey City, NJ

I have had the pleasure and blessing to work with Dr. Dara. Her approach was extremely helpful to achieve my goals and develop a solid plan. Dr. Dara is an inspiration.

Baltimore, MD

Rapid Resolution Therapy cured my PTSD and my sleepless nights.

28 year Military Veteran
Bronx, NY

Thank you Dr. Dara for playing a large part of my journey to recovery and self-discovery!

Davie, FL

Completely changed my way of thinking and performance. Thanks to Dr. Dara I won my 1st Grand Prix, a European medal, and an International title.

Olympic Pair Skater
Paris, France

With RRT I was able to see more progress in 1 session than months of other forms of treatment.

Psychology Graduate Student
Davie, FL

Dr. Dara has help my athletes to a higher level with increased wins and higher rankings with RRT- quick, efficient, & result driven.

Tennis Coach of 24 years
Coral Springs, FL

Dara put the chaos to bed and quickly lead me back to my true self and I can now have gentler relationships

Cherry Hill, NJ

I had a beautiful natural child birth thanks to Dr. Dara clearing out my past sexual trauma.

Business Owner and Mother of 2
Miami, FL

Dr. Dara’s gift is to understand and truly connect. My perspective has been shifted “that nothing has to be done”. I am excited for who I am and where I am on my journey.

Project Manager
Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Dara’s greatest strength is how she gently helped me (to design my own life). The impact of our work together is evident in my decision to start career as a Psychologist sraduate student.

Graduate Student
Davie, FL